I often find that when I’m finishing up eating a project I have to take all the supplies over to my workbench wherever. I’m working on control this little fishy card out wherever I’m needed. And with storage on both sides I can be easily find whatever it is I’m looking for.

First item.

This kind youth group in this plywood using a three-quarter inch straight fit in my route. And cutting that one separator group should help keep the entire squared. Time had cut this down to a more manageable size peace.


The second item.

I’m gonna come pick grouse in the fridge whose side pieces at the same time to spend lining them parked and clamping down. To leave is it just a matter of following my plans and weighing out everywhere were you click group. By cutting all go together should help to line up plane all this parts. Now the kingdom comic book match.


The third point.

I’m using a set up dado blades on my table saw to cut out the edge saw. Now that I have all crews cut it to glue about him to assemble it. Glue in nearly up. For the face spring to become a series at half inch wide strips you thought lumber. Purposes this space frame is too give me something do attach the hinges to it also covers up the exposed plywood pages. I’m using happens plywood for the doors to install the stores finish him up.


The fourth point.

I have some this why legally white million left over when I build my router table will use it for the top. I think it’ll be easiest to line up this top defied all upside yeah I just wont make sure I’m sending this is best as possible. Herded the meantime I can hired on the edge banding got the new cast.



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